Silence Natural Roll on Perfume - Meditate

Silence Natural Perfume - Meditate

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Natural purfume roller with gemstones. Aesthetically Beautiful, Holistically Powerful.

Silence Scent: Soft floral with wood base

The very effective SILENCE formula combines a selection of oils that can gently help to activate the Pineal Gland and encourage the release of the sleep hormone Melatonin. Amplified with the high vibrational Amethyst and Clear Quartz stones, this blend offers an Essential Oil/Crystal combination that can help assist in slowing down the stress response and quietening the chattering mind to help allow your body for deep sleep or effective meditation. 

Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst: Gently eases the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Activates spiritual awareness. Assists in opening intuition to enhance psychic abilities.

Metaphysical Properties of Clear Quartz: Supreme gift of Mother Earth. The master of healing. Amplifies the strength of other crystals. 

PRODUCT STATS: 10ml Roller Bottle / 10g. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Toxin Free - 100% Natural using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Ready for immediate use. Professionally Formulated and Made in Australia 

DIRECTIONS: Topical and Aromatic use only. Apply to either behind the ears, over the temples, across forehead, on wrists or back of neck on hairline. If using for sleep aid: apply on bottoms of feet. Inhale directly from the bottle. Dilute with a carrier oil/lotion for sensitive skin. If further irritation occurs, discontinue use 

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of Children. Do not ingest. Do not use topically if pregnant. Possible skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ear and sensitive areas. Consult your physician if under a doctors care. Do not store in direct sunlight or near heat.

INGREDIENTS: Cocus Nucifera (Fractionated Coconut) Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Boswellia (Frankincense) Oil, Album (Sandalwood) Oil, Juniperus Virginiana (Cedarwood) Wood Oil, Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil, Cinnamomum Camphora Linalooliferum (Ho Wood) Leaf Oil, Fragrans Flower Extract, Vetiveria Zizanoides (Vetiver) Root Oil, Origanum Majorana (Marjoram) Cablin (Patchouli) Oil, Anthemis Nobilis (Roman Chamomile) Flower Oil